FEAT. Nyané Lebajoa

So Who Is She?
Baewatch Nyane Lebajoa
For our newest edition of Baewatch we caught up with mega-babe, Nyané Lebajoa. As well as being a model and influencer, she’s just launched her very first clothing brand. There isn’t anything that this bae can’t do or wear - she’s just so bad-ass! Just check out her IG for major hair and style inspo. You’ll be obsessed.

Let’s Talk Nyané.
Tell us a little something about yourself?
Hey, I'm Nyané and I'm an influencer and fashion designer.
What are you obsessing over at the moment?
I'm obsessing over the Ultra Platforms! You will be seeing them a lot on my insta in the next days!
What is the nicest place you have visited?
Good question - and hard to answer! Bali might be at the top of the list but I don't think you always have to go that far. I love Formentera and Santorini, obviously the visual aspect is very important for me!
Baewatch Nyane Lebajoa

OK. Quick fire questions - go!
Coffee or Tea?
Favourite word?
Instagram Stories or Snapchat?
Insta Stories.
Winter or Summer?

Movie night or night on the town?
Saver or spender?
Truth or Dare?
Apart from being an ultimate girl boss what is next for Nyané?
I don't actually think I reached girl boss status yet, or maybe set the bar too high? Anyways, I still have lots of business ideas that will be rolling out in the next few months.
Describe your style in 3 words?
Free, Diverse, Elegant

It’s all about the Insta-Life.
My dream cake brought to life (by cutter and squidge)
Formentera for a few days... driving around the whole island in this car.. so relaxing and fun
Love my pet piggy 'fariki' planning on bringing her to my next little get away
This set is my ideal holiday outfit!

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