The Urban Gal

If you love staying up to date with the latest trends and designs, putting unique pieces together, and following your own sense of style, then The Urban Gal is for you. Get inspired by her Miami lifestyle and sense of fashion so you too can be confident enough to rock your own inner-Urban Gal!

Chaos Black White


Describe your style
in 5 words...



Chaos Black White

What's your fave social media site?

Duhhhh, Instagram.

< swipe for sass.

For the perfect Insta edit, do you have a go-to app/filter? 

Oh yes, I've always used VSCO, A4 it's my personal favourite.

Notion Red Heels

Do you have any advice on how to nail that perfect pose? 

Yes, you have to find what works best for your body, example I have a rectangular shaped body so I always try to bend my body in ways that it will give the illusion of a waist, lol.

Which PD shoes you are swoonin' after currently? 

After the Chaos booties came into trend I couldn’t stop myself from buyng every pair possible! I mean, you can style them perfectly for every season.

Chaos Black and Pink

What inspires your
fashion sense?

I’ve always been
inspired by Caribbean
and NYC lifestyles.


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City Break or Hot Holiday? 

Hot holiday, I'd rather lay by the beach with a fresh coconut and a good book.

What's up next for The Urban Gal, do you have any adventures planned?

Adventures? Yes, always, I'm living the biggest adventure of my life. I never thought a blog that I created for my graduate program would get all the way here after 2 years.

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