Issue. Two

Feat. Yinka Bokinni

So Who Is She?

If she’s not filling your morning with bangin' tunes on Rinse FM’s breakfast show, you’ll find her hanging in the coolest corners of London with coffee in hand and headphones in ears. Her style is casj, street wear with a feminine twist. She is an all or nothing kinda gal, it’s either trainers or full on heels. Known for her ever changing array of oh so sassy hairstyles, she has also hosted nights at some of London’s most renowned nightclubs, including M.O.S & Fabric. That’s some serious #girlpower.


Let's Talk Fashion & London Life

What looks do you rock to work?

I wake up so early in the morning (I do the breakfast show on Rinse Fm) that I need comfort! Oversized Jumpers make frequent appearances with boots or jeans with brogues; so I can dance to the tunes as well.

How did you get your job on the radio?

I graduated from Uni (I did Law at UCL in London) and I had a crisis; I didn’t want to be a lawyer so I auditioned for Rinse Fm and did a Saturday show for a bit, now I do breakfast 5 days a week 7-10 am, it is the best job ever.

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Knee high or ankle?

Ooooh it depends. Right now knee high- its cold out! But ask me in a few months I may change my mind!

Where can we find you chillin'?

On a normal day you can find me at a coffee shop, either on Brick Lane or Oxford Street with my kindle all cozy hidden under A huge scarf and oversized jumper.

What’s your fave trend of the season?

I am really happy that 70’s style seems to be making a come back. I love it’s laid back style and the rich colours as well; like brown, rust and burgundy.

Biggest fashion disaster?

When I was in college I used to wear wellington boots... with tracksuit bottoms in the summer... I am ashamed.

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