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Public Desire X Girl Power Gang

If there is one thing we know about #GirlPower, it's that you've got to support your fellow baes.
We've teamed up with 10 of the sassiest members of @grlpwrgang to tell you what being a girl today means to them
and which PD shoes make them feel ready to run the world.

...and because we are super amazing, we're also giving you and your BFF the chance to
WIN! all the shoes from our Summer campaign #GirlsJustWannaHaveSun.

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Public Desire - Block Heels

Name: Olivia Richardson
Hometown: London
Girl Power: Photographer

Brit babe Olivia is a freelance photographer/filmographer. She showcases her talent in
Portraits, Bands, Events, Fashion Week and Backstage Coverage, Video and Studio Work.
She has worked as an in house photographer for TANK Magazine and the Observer.

What's your perfect PD pair?
I seriously love the Marlo heels, the block heel makes them super comfy too.
When not in the Hollywood sun i would be rocking these with
a black leather jacket.

#GirlPower is all about...

"Trustin' & A' luvin."

Pubilc Desire Shoes

Name: Felicity Hayward
Hometown: Essex
Girl Power: Model

Discovered in an East London pub dancing to Diana Ross, Felicity was
asked to pose as Anna Nicole Smith for Miles Aldridge.
Now three years later with an i-D cover and a Mac Cosmetics campaign
under her belt, she is an ultimate #GirlPower role model.

What's your perfect PD pair?
I'm all about the 90's and Hollywood, so the
Chloe boots are the perfect throwback glam style;
I love the pink perspex detail on the heel.
I think the late Anna Nicole would have approved.

#GirlPower is all about...


Public Desire - White Boots

Name: Robin Eisenberg
Hometown: Los Angeles
Girl Power: Artist / Illustrator

Lover of space, aliens, food (esp. pizza), makeovers,
cactus gardens, beaches, and cities.
When she's not drawing she can usually be found driving
& listening to Prince, petting a dog, or reading in bed.

What's your perfect PD pair?
Trisha are the shoes I imagine a runaway
alien babe would wear.
She’s on Earth for the first time. She wants to dance,
but also needs to be able to run fast, if required.

#GirlPower is all about...

"Doing your own thing."

Public Desire - Lace Up Shoes

Name: Chelsea Wise
Hometown: Los Angeles
Girl Power: Photographer

Bubblegum is known for her vivid, flashy and glitter infused work.
She creates that kind of dreamy world that you want to live inside while
lending her nostalgic eye and retro approach to everything she shoots.

What's your perfect PD pair?
Blanca are fab strappy shoes i love to wear with fishnet's 'cos
you can still be edgy and have a touch of that L.A glamour.

#GirlPower is all about...

"Spicing up your life."

Public Desire - PU Boots

Name: Hana Kaissi
Hometown: Los Angeles
Girl Power: DJ

LA’s underground trap sweetheart Honey emerged on the scene in 2015.
Spinning electronic sugar rush symphonies for
the soul with a healthy dose of filthy rap,
she will be taking over your sound waves with her contagious beats.

What's your perfect PD pair?
The Chloe boots weren't made for walking, they were made to be
dance floor killers and that's just what they'll do!

#GirlPower is all about...


Public Desire - Lace Up Shoes

Name: Kylie Griffiths
Hometown: London
Girl Power: Stylist & DJ

Founder of GRLPWRGNG, Stylist, Fashion Editor of VICE UK
and DJ are just a few of this babes talents.
If this wasn’t enough to keep a London girl busy,
Kylie also models, and is freshly signed to top agency Select.

What's your perfect PD pair?
It's all about the strappy Blanca's with all black - I’m a bit
of a goth at heart! Long live The Craft.

#GirlPower is all about...

"Being kind."

Public Desire - Perspex Heel Boots

Name: Kirsti Hadley
Hometown: Brighton
Girl Power: Creative Agent

Founder of Kirsti International Creative Agency representing
ace girls like Bip Ling and Zoe London and co founder of @GRLPWRGANG
This girl is here to make sure women can be serious boss ladies
by helping girls make it in all areas of the Fashion industry.

What's your perfect PD pair?
I love the Chloe boot and suit combo.
I'd always go for trousers that are a slightly shorter length
to really show the boots off. The perfect Hollywood hills combo.

#GirlPower is all about...

"Girls helping girls."

Public Desire - Knee High Boots

Name: Soki Mak
Hometown: London
Girl Power: Stylist

Soki is Creative Director and Stylist who has
worked for publications such as Wonderland and Dazed & Confused,
and styled celebrated female artists
including Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton and Elle Goulding.

What's your perfect PD pair?
I adore an over the knee boot, they are super sexy.
I'd style the Alessia over the knee
boot with a white midi dress.

#GirlPower is all about...

"Giving your support."

Public Desire - Chloe Boots

Name: Millicent Hailes
Hometown: Essex
Girl Power: Photographer / Director

Millie is inspired by strong, powerful women,
using bold colours and playing with ideas of sexuality.
Her work may not be to everyone's taste,
but it seems to provoke reactions.

What's your perfect PD pair?
The gold Isabelle slingback heels.
I'd wear these with something white;
maybe a denim A-line skirt or a white jumpsuit.

#GirlPower is all about...

"Being honest."

Public Desire - Ankle Boots

Name: Haley Camile
Hometown: Los Angeles
Girl Power: Wardrobe Stylist

One of Los Angeles’ most prominent wardrobe stylists,
Haley successfully collides the high-end fashion world with her
own personal twist: the risky world of vintage.

What's your perfect PD pair?
The Ramona boots are EVERYTHING!
Paired with a vintage band tee and denim mini skirt to show off them legs -
these nude patent leather boots complete any outfit!
I mean, I could be wearing pajamas with them
and still make every head turn as I walk into any room wearing these bad boys!

#GirlPower is all about...

"Taking over the world."

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