When you join the PD Pass US your membership is valid for a 12-month period from the date of sign up. You need a registered Public Desire customer account to subscribe.

You have the right to cancel the PD Pass within 14 days of purchase if the service has not been used. After this time, the PD Pass is a non refundable and your subscription cannot be cancelled or refunded.

The PD Pass is only available for standard shipping to US addresses. Excludes public holidays.

There is no limit on how many times you order during the 12-month subscription.

It is the subscriber’s responsibility to ensure they use the PD Pass by publicdesire.com in accordance with these terms and conditions. Any breach may result in the termination of your membership and no refund given.

Publicdesire.com reserves the right to accept or refuse membership and to change any terms and conditions at our discretion at any time. 

You will be informed of any significant changes to these terms and conditions. All other publicdesire.com terms and conditions apply.

The PD Pass by publicdesire.com is for a subscriber’s personal use only and is not available for customers who purchase goods for business, re-sale, or wholesale purposes.

Any breach of these terms will result in termination of your subscription and no refund given. Public Desire reserves the right to accept of refuse subscriptions and to change any terms and conditions at our discretion

Public Desire will not be held responsible for any delays or failure to comply with our obligations if the delays or failures arise from any cause which is beyond Public Desire’s reasonable control.

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