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90s Throwback | Who remembers the days when….

21st April 2016.
by Camly.

Don’t you just miss the 90s: the days when bubble back packs were babein’, girl power was everything and there wasn’t enough body glitter in the world to keep you happy?

Given it’s Thursday and we love a good throwback, we’ve decided to compile our BEST moments from the 90’s. Get ready for some seriously good times.

Who remembers the days when…

All you wanted to be was a Brats doll.

Brats dolls

You had an addiction to sniffing your pens.

But these weren’t just any old pens like the ones you get these days, they actually smelt of pineapple and strawberries and bubblegum and mint and coconut and… okay, we’ll stop.

smelly pens

This little thing brought you so much entertainment as it flipped its way down the staircase.


Your hotline used to bling, but it wasn’t Drake.
Or your boyf, it was your phone filled with lipglosses that had you feeling like a princess.

Phone toy with lipstick


You would be Von Dutch’d from head to toe.
But wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing it today… Until you saw Kylie Jenner wearing it, obvs.

Von dutch hat

It wasn’t about Jimmy Choos it was all about these jelly shoes.
And plasters. A lot about plasters.

Jelly healed shoes

All you wanted was a twin sister.

And you’d spend your days watching films like Mary-Kate & Ashley, The Little Rascals, Matilda and let’s not forget every single thing on Nickelodeon.

mary kate

Ra ra skirts slayed and you had them in literally every single colour.
And wore it to every single school disco.

pink rara skirt

You and your baes were either Scary, Ginger, Baby, Sporty or Posh Spice.

But everyone wanted to be Baby Spice.

spice girls

Your pencil wasn’t complete without your pink-haired Troll.

troll hair

You thought you had a pet because you had a Tamagotchi.
And it needed more attention than your Maths SATs homework.

Pink Tamogotchi

You thought you could make alien babies by connecting this toy to another alien’s head.
We heard there was a blue tac trick too. Didn’t work…

Alien in jelly

You could by 10 of these with your £1 pocket money.
Or even 5 of these and 5 Freddos too.

Fruit salad sweet

Ahhhhh, those were the days. Can somebody take us back to the 90s, please?

More memories from the 90s? We want to hear.

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