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How to Choose the Right Heel for You

After being stuck in lockdown for so long there is no better feeling than having an excuse to dress up and leave the house. With June 21st just around the corner there is no better time to level-up your heel collection. 


Heels are the perfect way to dress up any summer outfit but finding the right pair can be extremely time consuming. Every girl has a preference when it comes to heel size and getting it right can be the difference between making it till last orders or not. Whether your preferred vibe is a pair of super high heels, platform heels or low heels…we’ve got you covered angel. 

Here is your ultimate heels guide so that you can find your perfect match for hot girl summer. In our latest blog we will be showing you how to work out your ideal heel height, the best types of heels for beginners and show you some of the hottest heel styles of this season. 

You can shop our full range of women's heels online right now. 



2 Inch heels

Believe it or not, there is actually a way to find out your ideal heel height so that you can comfortably strut your way into any bar. All you need is a tape measure and a chair. This method will determine your foot's natural incline. If you are new to heels then this trick is definitely something you need to try. Firstly, sit down and extend one of your legs out. Make sure to keep your foot relaxed and don’t point your toes. All you need to do is measure the distance from your heel to the ball of your foot. If you don't have access to a tape measure, simply draw an invisible line from your heel to the ball of your foot instead. Use this measurement as a prediction of your ideal heel height for a pain free evening. 


If you’re a beginner to wearing heels then it's advisable to start off small and ease your way into it. Luckily, low and mid heels are super on trend this season. 2 inch heels are a great way to start off your heels journey.


Mirage Chunky Platform Sandals 

Not quite ready to take the plunge and rock a heel? Don’t worry girl we got you. Mirage is the perfect solution. Mirage is a 2 inch platform sandal which adds a little height but will guarantee a full day of comfort. This style is available to shop in the colours black or multi and will add edge to any outfit. To dress up this style, pair Mirage with a bright orange bodycon dress and you’re good to go girl. 



Rejina Block Heeled Strappy Sandals 


Block heels are seriously blowing up this season and bloggers are wearing them everywhere. If you’re looking to try something a little more heel-like but still want to take it slow, why not try a heeled mule? Every style icon knows that heeled mules are a must this season. They can be dressed up or down making them super versatile. 

Lots of PD babes have been rocking our Rejina heels this season. Rejina is a 2 inch block heel which makes them perfect for beginners wanting to start off easy but still look fierce. This style is perfect for beginners and available to shop in 5 different colours. Pair this heel with ripped mom jeans, a backless crop top and gold jewellery for the perfect evening look. 



3 Inch Heels 

Mid heels are HOT this season and we can’t get enough of this trend. Every blogger has been seen wearing mid heels and we don’t blame them. They are a lot easier to walk in than high heels but still have the ability to spice up your look, what's not to love? 

Here are some styles that you're going to love if mid heels are your vibe. 


Elsa Scrunchie Cross Strap Block Heel

If mid heels are your vibe then you’re going to love Elsa, a cross strap style 3 inch block heel, available to shop in 4 new colours. If you’re looking for the ultimate summer vibe then you need to try this style in natural linen...dreamy AF right? Pair Elsa Natural Linen with a cream blazer dress for a super chic evening look. 

This style is guaranteed to make you feel like a boss babe just in time for June 21st. You can shop Elsa online now. 

Resort Towelling Block Heeled Mules

Another huge trend this season is thong strap mules and we are here for it. If you don’t fancy rocking a high heel but want to make a statement then this style is a shoedrobe must. Resort is a 3.5 inch block heel with a square toe and thong strap. This style will add a little height to your outfits without having to compromise comfort so that you can make it till last orders.


Resort is available to shop in orange towelling or our personal favourite nude PU. Every PD bae knows that nudes are big this season. We would style Resort Nude with a pair of ripped denim shorts, a corset top and oversized blazer for the ultimate boss babe look.



4 Inch Heels 

If you’re more of a high heel type of girl then look no further, we’ve got you covered babe! You can shop our full range of high heels online now. Here are some of our personal favourites this season.


Dymond Lace Up Square Toe Cake Heels

If edgy is your vibe then you need to try our Dymond lace up heels. The perfect high heel to dance the evening away, at the bar, with your girls. This style of heel comes in gold and white...we are OBSESSED. Dymond is a 4 inch cake stand heel which would look unreal paired with high-waisted leather shorts, a nude bodysuit and gold jewellery. 



Masie Lock Chain Anklet Strap Block Heels 


If you are loving the block heel trend just as much as us this summer but want some extra height we have just the style for you. Masie is a beaut 4 inch block heel with a lock chain anklet detail. This style is a serious vibe and comes in green, gold and off-white. 

Colour-pops are a must this season and will make you stand out. Pair Masie Green with black mom jeans, a black crop top and gold jewellery for a stunning look. 


Tropez Strappy Square Toe Heels


After being stuck inside for so long there is no better feeling than getting all dressed up and dancing the night away. If you want to make a statement at the bar then babe, we have the perfect heel for you!! Tropez is a strappy, square toe, cake stand heel available in 3 different styles. Our personal fave is the bright orange/ multi...they are UNREAL. It’s safe to say that this style will certainly turn some heads. Pair Tropez with a black bodycon co-ord and an orange clutch bag for a 10/10 outfit for June 21st. 


If you love a high heel as much as we do but don’t think you can last the night in them, why not try our platform heels? Platforms are a great way to rock high heels without putting pressure on your body or strain on your calves. If you’re a pro when it comes to heels then you need to look at our range of stilettos.


Now you should be ready to transform your shoedrobe just in time for June 21st. If you need some inspo for the most comfortable heels for a pain free day you can read our blog post here😘

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