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The date on everyone's minds, June 21st! With the recent announcement we are SO ready for the route out of lockdown to begin. Now lets cut to it, HEELS! How are we ever going to adapt back to wearing heels after over a year of cosy slippers and flats? Don't worry bae, we got you! 

We have planned the perfect roadmap of how to prep for the big day when heels are back honey! 

Step One: Practice makes perfect. 

Ok, so it's been a while and whilst we all wanna aim high with our post-lockdown heels we might need to start at the beginning before we slip into a stiletto. So PD's first step is to practice (and start practicing early) - Why not start with a block heel or flatform to get used to wearing heeled shoes again! Walking on a carpet instead of a hard floor is the best way to ease you in.

Step Two: What style heels you wearing hun?

Once you have mastered the art of walking with abit of height then its time to level up. We are thinkin' a heel with an ankle strap or a lace up heel, either of these will give the added ankle support you'll be needing after months off. Not feelin' either of those options? Then platforms are 100% your new bestie bae, platforms will provide the height without making your foot arch too much. 

Step Three: Stretch em' out.

Although we are on route to be heading out of lockdown soon, we do still have a few months which means this is the PERFECT time to stretch out those ankles! Trust us, you will be so grateful when you're dancing until the AM come June. You can find a variety of YouTube videos sharing how to stretch out your ankles meaning you'll be good to go when the big night out arrives. 

Step Four: Let's start walkin'

It sounds simple but walking in heels really is going to be a shock to the system but you've got this! Repeat after us - Heel first and toe second. Start with placing your heel onto the floor first which will then be followed by your toe. Simple yet effective! Remember to keep your knees super straight when strutting in your heels as most of the stomping when walking comes from either of these three:

  • A bent knee
  • When your toe and heel is flat at the same time
  • When your toe is touching the floor first

So for the perfect walk (obvs before a cocktail or two, all goes out the window after that) straighten those legs and walk heel to toe. Go get it girl! 

Extra tips and tricks - We know we're spoiling you!

Perspex heels your vibe? Then its time to spritz in your deodorant before you wear them for the first time, nobody wants fog foot on the first night out in a year! Also baby powder can help when it comes to your foot slipping around in the perspex, prep those soles babe! It's going to be ALOT of dancing come June 21st ❤️

Head up high whilst walking, no looking down at your feet (or heels no matter how stunning they are, fresh outta the box PD's 😍) but on a serious note, make sure to look ahead when walking and maintain that balance bae.

Stock up on products that can help if your heels do start to hurt - Whilst they may not be the most fashionable accessory you'll be grateful in the long run. From blister balm and plasters to slip in soles, even a pair of roll up flats to put in your clutch bag - Prep instead of pain is a big yes from us. 


Wanna be sure your shoedrobe is prepped for the when the bars open? Better get addin' to wishlist 👀 Shop all the new styles HERE ❤️

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