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How To Wear Perspex

Perspex, we all know and love it! The simple trend that we doubt will ever get old. Your fave going out dress, jeans and a nice top, your go-to jumpsuit.. Just name the look and guarantee perspex will make in pop! 

Here at PD we are major fans of perspex and love to switch up the styles to keep it relevant and fresh for you PD Baes.

Today we thought we’d talk you through our best sellers along with a few newbies along with a few styling inspo tips from the blogger babes!


If you’ve shopped PD for a while you’ll already know Alia is number one when it comes to the perspex category! From major celebs like Bella Hadid, Perrie Edwards and Fae Williams being spotted in them along with so many beaut blogger pics inspiring us on the daily, it’s not really a surprise that these are a fave.


We loved this heel so much we even brought it back with a whole mixture of perspex colours! Nude is of course the go-to, but put these babies on with any look and you’ll have a killer OOTD in no time. Trust us, Drank ticks the box no matter what the occasion.. Date night, drinks with the girls or goin’ out-out. We got you with these honey!


The ultimate show stopper.. Teaser. These baddies will set new heights when it comes to your look! Not sure how to style them up? Don’t worry.. Take a whole loada inspo from our PD blogger baes.

Whilst chatting about all things perspex, we thought we’d share our tips to keeping them fresh as new when wearing too, trust us you’ll thank us later!

There is a whole load to love about the perspex trend, they make your legs look SO long for a start but nobody likes a ‘foggy foot’..

It’s natural when wearing a tight fitted shoe but when these baddies are 100% see through it can be tricky -

Use an antiperspirant deodorant on your feet! 

Just like armpits, this will stop any sweating but be sure to use the deodorant at least a couple of hours before you plan to wear your shoes as this gives the spray enough time to seal your pores. 

Punch holes in the perspex

The fogging up of the perspex is because of the lack of ventilation. Add in a small hole or two (somewhere on the shoe that nobody will see) to increase airflow and cut out that steam baby!


We know this sounds like it’s defeating the point of perspex but uber cool fishnet socks under perspex looks KILLER! Sporty socks are a big hit too! Let us know if you try it! 

If you love the perspex trend be sure to keep an eye on the PD new in page! Two words - Patent Wellies. 

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