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Along with majority of everything else in the past year or so, Valentines Day is going to be looking a little different for 2021. With this we wanted to share a few ideas on how to still make the most of Valentines even if you're spending the day away from your loved one. 

The postie is pretty much all our besties ATM, a little parcel getting delivered 100% cheers up these lockdown days so, why not send a little treat in the post to your partner? Whether its something sweet like chocolates or brownies, a balloon with a cute slogan, something they have had their eye on or saving up for, even some cute Insta pictures printed out. Anything as a surprise gift from the postie will be sure to cheer them up! 

Now, lets talk dates ideas..

Make date night virtual, with the joy of Netflix watching a film together no matter what the distance could not be easier. Plan the time to tune it, maybe even FaceTime each other to make it as if you're really there side by side. You could even take inspo from Pinterest and setup a cute den style layout to watch the film, after all nobody ever said no to a few fairy lights! 

If you love the idea of a virtual date night, why not step it up and have a FaceTime meal together, order from the same take-out (thank you Deliveroo), set the scene with some cute candles, pour your fave drink and dine in style! 

Cooking dinner together could be another option, instead of ordering in why not plan what ingredients you'll both need and making cooking fun whilst FaceTiming each other.  


If you know of friends who are also facing a lockdown Valentines, maybe this is their first time spending Valentines apart, why not team up for a double date. We are all pretty much experts at ZOOM calls now so head over to the video call and let the double date begin! With so many ideas to choose from for the four of you, you'll be stuck deciding - games night, cocktail class, cheese and wine night 💗

How will you be spending Valentines this year? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us @PublicDesire ❤️❤️

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