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PDHQ | New Year, New Me

You know how it goes – new year, new me. We all set a resolution and we all give them our best shot through out Jan, but lets face it, no one wants to change from the perfectly contoured prosecco drinking prinnys we all already are.
“Stop and smell the Roses more”
“To lose this Christmas weight I’ve been carrying around since June haha”
“To become fully fluent in Spanish again (this has been my new years resolution for like 3 years oops)”
“To stop talking about the gym”
“Be more adventurous – go and see the world!!”
“Stop spending money like its going out of fashion”
“To stop rushing to post every moment on social media – somethings are okay to be kept to yourself.”
“Get back to painting and read more books”
“To find time to blog more, read more (not just fashion magazines) and also take more photographs on my Polaroid camera so I can keep them rather than just Instagramming”
“To spend more ME time”
“Do more things that make me forget to check my phone”
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