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Today we are interviewing stylist Jessie Stein on all things styling! Whether you're hoping to head into a career of styling for yourself or just fancy having a read of how your fave stars get their pap worthy outfits picked, Jessie is here to share all. 

Hi Jessie, lovely to meet you! Please could you start by telling us a little bit about yourself? 

Hey! I’m Jessie, I’m 24 years old and I’m a freelance fashion stylist. I style celebrities, magazines, editorials and also do wardrobe edits and personal styling! 


Fashion stylist, what a dream of a job! Could you share with us about your job and how you got into it?

I got into styling by doing loads of interning and assisting work. I made sure I had plenty of experience on set and with a variety of people to really build my CV and portfolio. I then worked my way up the ladder and networked with a lot of people in the industry and that’s a basically how I got to where I am today! 

Styling is definitely not as glamorous as people think! 

When a job comes in, I need to really research for inspiration and reach out to brands that I think will be the right fit. It’s a lot of preparation to make sure you have the right rail of clothes for that particular job. The shoot is the fun part! You see the vision really come to life and that’s what I love about styling... and then it’s the dreaded returns! 

Any name drops for proudest moments in your career so far? Stand out moment etc.

It’s so hard to pick just one!! I’ve loved every job I’ve had and I’m so grateful for every opportunity - I’m proud of it all!! I definitely think styling someone for the NTA’s and being there was a highlight. 


For anybody wanting to venture into the world of fashion styling do you have any tips on how to get started?   

This is definitely one of my most asked questions! It’s all about experience and building your Cv and portfolio. Learn from people you admire, work as hard as you can and don’t give up! I have an IGTV on Instagram on more detail about this topic if you wanted to check it out (@jessiesteinstylist

We absolutely love seeing your OOTD's on Insta, how would you explain your style? 

Thank you! I think I definitely have a variety of styles, I love simple classic every day looks, but I also have a edgier side so leather jackets and biker boots, and a boho chic vibe! 

Fave piece in your wardrobe?

I always wanted a designer bag so it would definitely have to be my Celine handbag. I saved up for aggges for it and I bought it for myself as a present when I graduated Uni.  


Do you have any faves from on the PD site you're loving ATM? 

It’s officially boot season and I’m here for it!! Here are my fave boots from PD ATM! 


Any stand-out trends you are loving for AW20? 

I’m loving the knitted vests! They are so versatile and easy to wear. Whether it’s on top of an oversized shirt or tucked into jeans, it looks really chic and effortless. 

For someone trying to find their signature style, would you have any advice on doing so?

It’s all about trailing and testing outfits. See what you feel comfortable and confident in and go from there. Don’t be scared to try new things that you’ve never tried before as they might end up looking amazing! 


Do you have anywhere you head to for inspo?

I get inspo from everywhere and everyone! My fave insta accounts for style are Lissy Roddy and WeWoreWhat. I also love looking at other stylists to see how they are adapting trends, such as stylebynelli and stylememaeve.  

Although 2020 has been a funny old year, do you have anything exciting coming up? What is next for you? 

It’s been a funny one! I take each day as it comes and live in the present. I have my regular clients that are only growing and growing and can’t wait to create more looks with them. I also may have a secret project that I’m working on and can’t wait to share with everyone....

Where can the PDBaes find you? 



Quick Fire Round 

Flats or Heels?  Flats 
Denim or Leather? Denim 
Out out or brunch with the girls? Brunch with the girls 
Colour pop or monotone? Colour pop 
Coffee or hot choc? Coffee 

Loved hearing all about Jessie and her role? Be sure to keep a look out for more Q&A's here on the PD Blog 💕

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