FEAT. Tori Wade

So Who Is She?
Meet our latest girl crush and PD Bae, Tori Wade. As a Sydney based dancer, Tori was named Aussie Dancer of the Year in 2014 and previously competed in Australia's Got Talent. As well as her fresh footwork, we're obsessing over her killer style and an insta full of #ootd inspo that slays.

Let’s Talk Tori.
Tell us about yourself in just three words.
Passionate, dedicated but chill.
We know you are extremely talented when it comes to dancing, how did that all start?
I've been taking dance class since I can remember, shoutout to mom because I don't know what I'd do without dance.
How about your daily style, do you have a style icon?
I have so many style icons that I would never be able to list them all!! Being a dancer, my day-to-day style is super chill. I live for a pair of gray trackies and a gray singlet or any kind of matching set. Then there is also the super dressy side of me that I get out every now and then.

Ok - quick fire questions, go!
Coffee or Tea?
BOTH! But coffee in the morning for sure.
Braid or buns?
Braids for days.
Leather or Denim?
Denim! #Vegan.
Winter or Summer?
Ooo, summer is the best but I prefer the fashion in winter.

Saver or Spender?
I try my best to save, but online shopping sometimes gets in the way...
Call or Text?
Yo text me, but FaceTime is pretty dope too.
Beyonce or Riri?
Uh! 100% Rihanna but Beyonce is pretty goals as well.
How do you add a festival twist to your daily outfits?
A festival twist can be added easily to daily outfits everywhere from a touch of fringe , to crochet or lace materials, to brightly coloured sunglasses.
If you could be a pair of Public Desire shoes, which ones would you be and why?
I would be the Mika Flared Boots because Little Black Boots forever. 

It’s all about the Insta-Life.
Morning stretch in the studio.
When the sky is this pink we pose.
Catch the view in Malibu
Acai + Instagram = acai post everyday.

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