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Being Kind To Yourself

21st May 2020.
by Megan Biggin.

Continuing with the theme of kindness this Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re thinking about being kind to yourself. With all the pressure to be improving or productive at the moment, it’s super important that we remember that it’s ok to not be smashing targets or learning new skills right now, the last thing we need is extra pressure from ourselves.

Have a Self Care Day

Whether it’s going out for a long walk and some fresh air, throwing on a facemask in the bath or just staying in bed all day watching Netflix, it’s important to get some downtime. The pressure to constantly be socialising can be exhausting so don’t be afraid to take some time alone and just do the things you enjoy.

Social Media Detox

We really do live our lives online at the moment and while this can be an amazing tool for work and socialising, especially during lockdown, sometimes looking at perfectly curated lives online can be detrimental to our mental health. It’s important to remember that this is exactly what social media platforms like instagram are, a curated gallery only showing the best bits. If you find that certain people or accounts make you feel bad about yourself or your life, unfollow. And though it’s easy to compare, remember that no one is perfect no matter how much they may seem it. We’re all going through life at different paces and at different stages in our lives. We are all worthy.

Avoiding social media can also help avoid any negative news or fake news that may be flying around right now. If you must know what’s going on, limit yourself to checking the news once a day and only use reliable sources.

It’s Ok…

We want to remind you of a few things that are ok and that you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself for right now or ever. It’s ok to…

  • gain weight and eat “unhealthy” foods
  • say no to plans or decline social calls
  • be unproductive or do nothing
  • not be “perfect”
  • look out for yourself


It’s amazing how much our sleeping pattern can affect our day to day lives. If you’re struggling to sleep properly right now, a few things can help. Try to avoid eating heavy meals late at night that can sit in your stomach and make you feel uncomfortable. Put down the phone and laptop half an hour before bed and pick up a book instead. You could also try a deep sleep pillow spray, this one combines lavender and chamomile to create a super calming environment. Another way to make sure you’re ready to sleep at night is getting some exercise during the day, it doesn’t have to be anything too strenuous, just a short walk can help.

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