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11th February 2020.
by Hollie Dingsdale.

In today’s Boss Bae’s interview we are chatting to Tyrer.

By day Tyrer is a fashion stylist; by night a singer/songwriter. Who is originally from Manchester but now lives in London.

Tyrer released her debut EP early this month called ’This Is’ and will also be releasing two visuals from the EP, including ’Showgirl’ which is a really moving video that explores the pain caused by abusive relationships that Tyrer herself has experienced allowing her music to stand apart with a more mature sound as she taps into her most vulnerable state.

Amidst the abundance of happy sounding pop tracks, Tyrer is exploring more sensitive subject matters that cut a bit deeper.

Hi Tyrer, lovely to meet you! Could you tell us a little bit about yourself please? 

Hi, I’m Tyrer, I’m a London based singer-songwriter. I’ve just released my EP called ‘This Is’ which I am super excited to share with everyone. I normally write from pain and heartbreak which always cheers people up! I’m all about those melancholy 1am feels.

Fashion stylist by day and singer at night, what a duo! Could you start by telling us about your styling. How did you get into it? 

I was living in Manchester and just finished music college but I always knew I wanted to get into fashion. I decided to pursue a career in styling back in Manchester, I was working in American Apparel at the time and saw a job advertised and just applied for it. I steamed and ironed for 7 hours until I was accepted but it was totally worth it! I ended up just doing tests outside of work and going freelance. It is something I do really enjoy and I am passionate about, I love that I can transfer that creative energy into my music career too. I do a bit of personal styling as well, I enjoy enhancing someone’s confidence with stylish outfits.

Any name drops for proudest moments in your career? Stand out moment etc.

Haha! I don’t have any name drops… but proudest moment in my career is bringing together other creatives that I’m friends with and collaborating with them in my music work. I love bringing creative people together for art! 

For anybody wanting to venture into the world of fashion styling do you have any tips?  

Just go for it! It’s a lot of hours and a lot of work but it will be worth it in the end. Find your style and what’s unique about your style and hone in on that. Just do it for the pure passion, have fun, do lots of tests so you can play around and take risks with your work. In my opinion there’s no right or wrong.

We know you’re originally from Manchester (Where PD is based) Any hot spots we need to check out? 

If you haven’t already been to Manchester you need to get yourself up there. It’s a fantastic place. It’s ALWAYS raining but EVERYONE is smiling and happy and friendly! Something I think London needs more of (sorry Londonders) but definitely check out Northern Quarter, there’s lots of quirky bars and vintage shops there. The Christmas markets are super cute as well. Spinningfields has a great vibe as well, I have lots of great memories in Manchester. 

Let’s get onto your music career, if anyone hasn’t listened to your work before, how would you explain it? 

I would definitely say its a form of Neo-soul music. Raw, vulnerable and honest but also something different. With my EP I wanted to include an eclectic mix of sounds and bring that together through a collective theme. But listen to it and make that judgment for yourself! 😉

We watched the video for Showgirl, so beautifully created. Please could you give us a bit of backstory to the song (or video). 

Thank you! Showgirl explores upbringing and how this moulds you as person. Also, it talks through anxiety and worries that go through your mind and escapism is a massive theme throughout this song.

The video has two characters that you follow throughout; a guardian angel looking over a young dancer who is using her dance as an escape for her experiences through life. It also touches upon the MeToo movement. I wanted to portray how much sexual harassment takes place in creative industries. 

Do you have a career highlight with your musical career that you could share with us? 

I have a few!

I performed live on air on Laura Whitmore’s BBC Radio show which was pretty cool. Also performing at MTV Malta festival is definitely up there, but one that stands out quite recently was that I was lucky enough to perform at the V&A Museum for a special charity; Macmillan. This was such a special moment for me to be a part of something that has helped so many people. The setting was beautiful, I got dressed up and genuinely felt like a princess! My niece was also born that day so definitely a highlight of 2019.

If performing do you have any particular routines etc. you like to do beforehand? 

When performing, I get quite nervous so a few days before I will cut out coffee as this adds to my anxiety. I try to exercise as well so I feel in shape and confident in myself. But normally, I have my vocal warm ups that I do both in the morning and before I go on stage, and (I know this sounds sort of rude) but avoid chatting to people, which is SUPER hard but it does protect your voice before you perform.

How about outfits, what’s your go to on stage look?

Something that I feel super confident in, I love my dresses and chunky boots. I love a V neck and off the shoulder, I’m all for high waisted flares too with cowboy boots! Anything that is in the 70s lane I’m all over! It’s so important that you feel comfortable on stage. How you feel in your outfit will speak volumes and will come through on stage.

What is next for you?

2020 is going to be a MASSIVE year! Releases!! music videos, performances, making music and lots of travelling! It’s a super exciting time but this is just the beginning!!

Last but not least, where can our PDBaes find you?

Over on Insta is best 🙂 @thisistyrer

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