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10th September 2018.
by Camly.

Meet our latest boss bae, Lydia Singer.

She is a multi-talented singer-songwriter from Buckinghamshire and who has just released her second EP ‘Rebellious Teen’.

Lydia has been turning heads within the music industry with her distinctive pop-vocals and song-writing skills since she was a young child and wrote her first songs at the age of 13, and she is a frequent performer on BBC Cambridge Introducing.



Tell us about yourself
Heya! My name is Lydia Singer, I’m 16 years old and I’m a singer-songwriter and recording artist based close to London.

Have you always want to be a singer? How did you get into it?
I have wanted to be a singer for as long as I can remember. When I was really young I loved watching and listening to Disney, and like most children do, I would sing along to the songs and try my best to sound exactly like it did on the track. My mum entered me for my very first singing competition when I was 9 to improve my performing skills, and I won! Good things came afterwards like meeting other people and performing locally around Milton Keynes. To see how far I’ve come since then is crazy!

Who are you listening to on-repeat at the moment?
At the moment the song I’m listening to on repeat is one of Ariana Grande’s – ‘God Is a Woman’. I think the song is amazing and obviously Ariana’s vocals are on point (as always!) Ariana also sings some insane harmonies near the end which I could listen to all day!

What inspires your song writing?
Everything around me inspires me to songwriter, especially personal experiences, and witnessing what close friends have experienced are what really get me thinking deeper than anything, but as I grow up and have more experience in life, my thoughts will also grow along with my song-writing style.

What has been the best concert you have ever been to, and why?
When I was 13 my mum bought us tickets to watch Idina Menzel perform live at Wembley Arena. I was a massive fan of Idina since she was the original ‘Elphaba’ in the musical ‘Wicked’, which I was a massive fan of. She was one of my main idols when I was younger and seeing her onstage was one of the best nights of my life!

Apart from singing, what else do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Apart from singing I, of course, love spending time with my friends. I also have a big love for musical theatre and always will. Sometimes you’ll find me listening to a musical’s original soundtrack on loop and that’s how I’ll stay until I know every song word perfect (or I’m eventually sick of the musical!)


Lydia in our Geo Lace Up Heels.


Explain your style in 3 words
Sassy, sophisticated and youthful!

What is your dream venue to perform in?
My dream venue to perform at would be the O2 Arena. I went there once when I was in primary school and I remember thinking how big it was, and how amazing it would be to be the person performing on stage. Hopefully one day (fingers crossed) you will see me performing there!

If you could pick one artist to feature on a track with, who would it be?
I’ve always admired Charlie Puth’s music and think he’s an absolute legend. His song-writing skills are incredible and it would be so cool to do a collaboration with him one day.

Top highlight of your career so far?
Last June I went to China and performed at the Communist Party’s birthday party! It was a fabulous experience and I hope for more like that in the future.

What’s next for Lydia Singer?
I’ve been very busy preparing for my EP launch – celebrating the release of my new EP ‘Rebellious Teen’. This EP launch event took place in London on 19th August at Zigfrid Von UnderBelly, Hoxton.

I’m also performing at the afternoon ‘House of Ikons Show’ for London Fashion Week on Saturday 15th September, and I’ll also perform during the children designers show on Sunday 16th September.

I also plan to return to China for some promo work later on in the year, for something else that I’ve been working on. I can’t wait until I can say more about this!

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