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Exercise For People Who Don’t Like Exercise

27th April 2020.
by Megan Biggin.

With the world still feeling a bit weird and everyone stuck inside, it’s probably more important now than ever to get those happy endorphins flowing and get some exercise when we can. Exercise and workouts are great for not only our physical health but mental health too and even if you think you don’t like exercise, there’s a lot you can do to get your body moving without running.


A lot of people think that exercise just means running or something high intensity. But there’s so many other ways you can get your heart pumping and burn a few calories. Lifting weights is a great way to lose weight and build muscle to create a “toned” physique. Plus, it’s the best way to grow that booty. If you’re just starting out, try doing some full body sessions with lighter weights and see what you feel comfortable with. If you don’t have any weights handy, bottles of water (or wine) will do. Plus, it makes you feel totally badass lifting something heavy.

Couch to 5k

Ok so this one does involve running BUT we promise it’s really not that bad. There’s loads of couch to 5k apps out there and they all build you up to 5k super gradually over 8 weeks, so you never actually feel like you want to pass out after. If you told yourself you wanted to get into running then this is definitely the way to do it.


Apps like Down Dog make doing yoga from home super easy. You can set how long you want the session to be, what level you’re at, the music, etc etc. So it’s perfectly tailored to you. Go for something more relaxing if you’re looking to chill on a Friday or a little more challenging for that Monday motivation.


Probably the easiest of all of the above and requires zero equipment. You can use an app to track how far you walked and how many calories burned but really, it’s important to just get some fresh air and get some steps in.

Household Chores

Seriously, you’d be surprised at how many calories jobs like cleaning can burn. Why not have a complete sort through your room from top to bottom, we’re talking hoovering behind furniture and everything. Too many clothes and shoes? Make way for some new ones by having a clear out. Time to dust those shelves and clean those skirting boards girl.