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New York Fashion Week : Plan of Action

23rd January 2019.
by Leah Stone.

Part 1 –

New York Fashion Week is first on this years agenda for the major fashion brands showcase.

It’s the time when all the celebs, influencers, editors, photographers et al, get their first peek at the trends.

Their chance discover what colours, prints and silhouettes we’re all going to be cray for come the new season.

Manhattan Island
Image Credit: National Geographic

New York Fashion Week is an exciting time for street style too, and a chance to see the glitterati in their boujiest looks.

See them werking their best poses outside the shows, crowds of bloodthirsty photographers snapping away, whilst they try desperately to look nonchalant! πŸ˜‚

With all this mayhem and madness at the main event, you’re definitely going to need a little R ‘n’ R in between…

Birds eye view of Central Park and surrounds
Image Credit: Business Insider

Introducing PD’s P.O.A (Plan Of Action) –

Our exclusively sourced recommends on where to ‘see and be seen’ in the Big Apple come Fashion Week 2019.

Bringing you options for every budget, we’ve got places to go for a little peace, pampering, tasty treats and luxe gifts when you need a break from all the fashhuns!

Choose from bespoke, insider tips firstly for the BOUJEE GIRL BOSS – them gals that love to spend! Secondly just A TOUCH OF LUXE – mid-range ladies or third BUDGET BAE‘s – overdraft territory!


Boujee Gurl Boss:

For all those bad ass Gurl Bosses we have put together some supremely luxe New York Fashion Week options.

You’ll be ready to spend that schmoney in Manhattan just like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. In otherwords…PD In The City!!!

Sex and the City Girls having drinks on a New York rooftop
The SATC gals have already got them cocktails flowin’! 🍹
Image Credit:

AM @ New York Fashion Week: Harrys NYC

Babes in Manhattan just gotta do Brunch! So for the boujiest of bae’s we’ve got a taste of old school New York in the form of Harrys NYC.

A Manhattan institution with decadent decor and a simply gorj brunch offering where the morning mimosas are flowing to prep you for the day ahead.

Situated in the depths of the financial district you might even bump into your own Mr Big while you’re down there!

French Toast and Mimosas at Harrys NYC
Mmmmmm French Toast and Mimosa’s, the perfect combo πŸ˜‹πŸ₯‚

Lunch @ New York Fashion Week : Sugarfish & Nailson7th

A holiday isn’t a holiday if you don’t take a long leisurely lunch and what better way to do it at New York Fashion Week than with Nails and Sushi?!

Now, we arent talking just any Sushi here. We are talking celeb fave, world famous, Sugarfish. A delicious menu of expertly made Japanese delicacies.

*Order a cute box to go if your a hun in a hurry!

After that we certainly aren’t talking any old street corner salon nails either. Remember Cardi B’s nails in the ‘Money’ video? Well head down to ‘Nails on 7th Ave’ while you’re in town and you can get your own unique version.

That is, as long as you’re willing to pay
πŸ€‘πŸ’΅πŸ’²πŸ’°πŸ’Έ for it!

The Salons are owned and run by none other than Jenny Bui, designer of those unreal nails and Cardi B’s personal nail technician.

Here you can commission the kind of acrylics most boujee b*tches can only ever dream of!!!

PM @ New York Fashion Week : Rose Bar & Maialino at The Gramercy Park Hotel

New York Fashion Week can be so hectic it becomes a complete mascara smudged blur! So most importantly, when you’re a style qween at the shows all day long, you don’t want to travel far for evening chills.

Under the roof of the glamorous Gramercy Park Hotel, the acclaimed Maialino Italian and the luxe Rose Bar are the ideal places to head.

Treat yourself to a bowl of fresh linguine at Maialino after a long day at the shows. After that, wash it down with an artisanal cocktail or two on a velvet chaise across the hall in Rose Bar.

A Perfectly Bouj end to the day! 😘

Pasta and Coffee at Maialino
Delish Italiano @ Maialino! πŸ˜‹
Interiors, DJ and  Models Partying at Rose Bar
Time to G & T @ Rose Bar 🍸

Now all thats left is getting your wardrobe filled with brand new boujee garms so you can get those important insta outfit snaps while your away!