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Let’s play out in Paris!

22nd August 2016.
by Sarah.

Ever been to Paris? Not only is it a hot spot for all the fashionistas of the world, but it’s also a pretty beautiful place to explore. So when you’re not shopping until you drop or avoiding the cobbled streets in your brand new pair of heels, you should definitely be visiting some of Paris’ well known monuments and best kept secrets. We took to the streets of Paris to shoot our brand new campaign, and we got a list of the need-to-see sites that should be on your Parisian bucket list.

Paris: Your One-Stop Guide

Every bae needs to know how to slay en français when she’s strutting her stuff, whether it’s catching the Metro or stopping for a croissant and a coffee mid shoppin-spres, tres chic. You look the part and sound the part so now time to go out and get to know Paris.

Paris city view from Eiffel Tower

On the beaten track

Paris Landmark Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

You simply can’t visit Paris without hitting up the Eiffel Tower. We know not many Parisians love it, but we do! Majestic in the day and as glittery as our Chloe ankle boots when it lights up throughout the night, it’s definitely one for the to-do list. Whether you’re posing for a pic in front or headed up to the top for the views, make sure you get enough snaps for those #TBT feels.

Paris Landmarks the Louvre

The Louvre

Most people will know that The Louvre is home to one of the most famous paintings in the world, The Mona Lisa. Now while we needed to check her out to decide what she was smiling about, it’s a bit crowded down her end and she’s got more security than Beyonce on a shopping trip. Get your selfie and then spend time looking through some of the most timeless art around across the museum.

Paris Attraction champs Elysees

The Champs Elysees

 Another landmark, the Champs Elysees is actually in the middle of a roundabout, makes for an amazing picture at night but beware the traffic!

Paris Attractions Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Disney film famous and beautiful to boot. Head over for a little French history and some super stunning insta-shots.

Off the beaten track

Paris Attractions Le Crocodile

Le Crocodile

Say hey to one of Paris’ best kept secrets. Hidden away on the Left Bank, this popular late night spot stays open wayyyy after it’s neighbours have shut up shop. With a mammoth drinks list and some serious cocktails set to see you from dusk until dawn, get ready to party Parisian style.

Paris Attractions


Still looking for a little after-dark action? Look no further than Duplex. A true Parisian discotheque, the site also has a restaurant, bowling alley and a second club you can dance the night away in.

Paris Attractions Pere Lachaise

Cimetière du Père Lachaise

Forget spooky, this cemetery is the world’s most visited and you can understand why. With the final resting places the legendary Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde amongst it’s residents, a rich history and some beautiful architecture, it’s definitely a must-see, but, maybe while it’s still daylight


A trip to Paris isn’t complete without a little shopping! Pull a Carrie and head to Dior or hit up the Galeries Lafayette for more labels than you can shake a stick at. Paris isn’t all about the luxury though, with beautiful flea markets where you’re bound to find some hidden treasures and vintage to die for, it’s truly a shop-til-ya-drop kinda sitch.

Galaries Lafayette Paris Attractions

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